About Us

We started by producing recycled poleythylene since 1975 and took successful steps for long years. Despite of changing conditions we have always commited to our principles and never stopped research aiming at providing the best products and services and to keep topping the list of the leaders in the feld. Thus braided hoses were introduced as well as spiral hoses introducing new types depending upon the market needs.

We have strived to always obtain customer satisfaction keeping in mind the importance of providing high quality products. Changing from a small workshop into a factory that extends at 2200 m2 may reflect a part of our success.

Up to the present, Sürmene Plastik has adopted "producing with high quality material" as a principle by performing works. Our aim is to take firm steps forward and to set a higher level for being the most reliable names in the industry.

When it comes to the customer satisfaction, the most important principles of Sürmene Plastik would be self-criticism and self-improving in this field.

SÜRMENE PLASTİK, which has been taking solid steps to become one of the best institutions in the plastic sector since its establishment, is cntinuously developing by keeping up with the modern techniques and researches.

Activity Area
We have applied the best plan to make use of our 2200 m2 indoor space and make sure that the production is always under control, We have four separate floors for manufacturing Polyethylene Pipes (Both HDPE and LDPE). PVC Hoses. Suction Hoses AC Drainage. LPG Gaz…... The products are marketed locally and exported regularly counting on a Professional team. . 

Based on the works we have done for achieving the top quality with the most economical way, we are meeting customers’ needs at the maximum level for years and drawing a rising graph. By providing variety of products and starting to manufacture P-100, our innovative company will protect the sensitiveness and continue to produce the most quality products for our valuable customers.